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Dr. Bullen


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

I have been a patient for 20 years spanning car accidents and back surgery. The techniques they employ are tailored to my unique needs. The doctors are professional, courteous, and caring. The quality of my health has improved immeasurably due to their care.

Khalil M.

I started to go to this Injury Center about 4 months ago due to a very bad neck and back pain. I Love this place, all the team is very kind and helpful, and Dr. Yousefi is just amazing. He has a very unique technique to adjust the muscles and to adjust your body.

I am very happy to count with all of them! I am very grateful to the front desk girls, the assistants, and the Dr to make my life easier and fix my pain. I highly recommend them!


Maria L.

Dr. Bullen has done a fantastic job to take away my pain. I first went to another chiropractor who examined me then I had to come back 4 days later to start treatments. Dr. Bullen treated me right away, and I went home on day one with less pain. After each visit I felt better and better. Now I’m pain free. The support staff are cordial and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Bullen.

Maurus D.

Dr. Bullen and his team are really excellent. I felt some relief from my lower back pain and stiffness after my very first visit, and it has only improved since. I genuinely look forward to going in for adjustments. The electro therapy + heating pads feels so good!

Megan S.

I really appreciate the care provided, great customer service. Doing x-ray to understand your concern and the techniques that they use really target the affected area. I would definitely refer.

Liliane R.

Welcoming and very friendly staff. I had back and neck pain due to car accident, but after visiting them it’s all gone. Especial gratitude to Dr. Bullen and all staff members!

Abebayehu M.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Bullen for a couple of weeks now and am super happy with the results! He is kind and knowledge and truly cares about his patients. I used to think chiropractors didn’t help much but now I swear by it!

Vanessa C.

I was iffy about going to a chiropractor at first but after a friend's recommendation I went and I've never felt better

Abraham B.

highly recommend this office.I am not really a review type of person but this experience was way beyond expectations.So,I had to say something. Everyone in there,is just amazing. As soon as you walk in,you already feel the energy,the togetherness and the passion that each one of them has for the job.From receptionists, to assistants through the doctor...let's just say I'm speechless. Just 5 minutes with the Doctor and you will already see a difference.I will be for sure recommending them to my friends and everyone I know.Please go see them, you don't even have to thank me.

Cheick T.

Love Dr. Yousefi and her entire team!

Lydia C.

5 stars for this Chiropractor's Office. I went there bent, limping, got out walking as a young man. I recommend Yousefi's Clinic to everyone who has accident issues....

Arthur G.

Very thorough, very friendly, very helpful.

Gari C.

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